The Erasmus + program is based on the achievements of more than 25 years of European programs in the fields of education, training and youth, covering a dimension of both intra-European and international cooperation.

Tutoring Project

Cosvitec Est and Cercle de Qualité from France developed a Mobility Programs under Erasmus+ Program, ensuring an internship for 3-4-6 months of French people in different fields like:

     – film and cinematography

     – museum guide

     – communication, PR, marketing

     – environmental protection

     – teaching foreign languages

     – specialists in publishing houses

      – HoReCa

      – Project Management

Cosvitec Est ensures, among other things:

  1. Mentoring and tutoring services
  2. Organize training courses, if necessary
  3. Provide accommodation in single rooms only and no meals.
  4. Provide A/R Transfer from Airport of Bucharest, Romania
  5. Provide Local Transport tickets for the entire period of stay in Romania, if requested.
  6. Placement in the hosting company according to the participant profile

Green Energy for Everyone – GEE

GEE – Green Energy for Everyone is a project funded with the support of grants from Innovation Norway, provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, within the “Energy Program in Romania.”

GEE strives to initiate a transition to renewable energy sources. Romania, with significant potential in wind, solar, and hydropower energy, has a compelling need to efficiently harness these resources. According to Eurostat data in 2020, Romania generated 12.4% of electricity from wind energy, 3.4% from photovoltaic solar, and 27.6% from hydropower. The total contribution of renewable energy sources was 16%.

During and after the project, we would like to publish the following materials and activities:

  • Launch conference
  • Developing a course on renewable energy sources
  • A workshop for the general public on the renewable energy sector
  • A roundtable discussion with SMEs in the renewable energy sector, encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Through this project, we will directly engage with 600 participants through all our activities, and we aim for our information to reach 24,000 people.

Partners: Cosvitect Est (applicant), DiFine PR, Environmental Fund Administration, Ovidius University Faculty in Constanța.

NeNO – NEETs Need Our Help

NEETs Need Our Help – NeNO is a project funded by ESF Social Innovation+ through Lithuanian European Social Fund Agency (ESFA).

The general goal of the NeNO project is to increase employability and develop basic skills for 36 young NEETs aged between 18-29 registered at the Public Employment Service from various regions of the country, by supporting young NEETs to participate in professional training courses, to mentoring and career guidance courses, with the aim of employment, following internships or continuing studies, helping to integrate more easily into the labor market and into society.

The project will take place over 18 months and will consist of 2 stages:

  1. Start-up Phase (M1-M4); considering that at the time of submitting this project, all the partners are known, after the approval of the project, the tasks will be accurately divided between the partners.
  2. The implementation (M5-M18) will include the following:
  •  Identification and selection of the 3 groups of 12 young people each from Bucharest, Ilfov county, Olt county, and Valcea county by carrying out awareness campaigns to attract them to participate in the NeNO project;
  • Realization of the training plan for young NEETs according to their needs as well as according to the organizations in which the internship will take place in Italy;
  • Participation of young NEETs in professional training courses, English language courses, digital skills courses, project management courses and intercultural training courses;
  • Realization of internships by the 36 young NEETs;
  • Follow up of the 36 young people after returning from the countries of practice and supporting them by participating in career guidance, mentoring and entrepreneurship courses;
  • Creation of the final report;
  • Dissemination activities of the NeNO project

Parteners: Cosvitec Est (applicant), Association “Center for the Development of Structural Instruments”, Geo Club Association, County Agency for Employment Ilfov, Ambitious young people NGO, Marea Scarl.

European course for a Gender Equality FUTURE – GE Future

Approved for funding in 2021, with a duration of 18 months, the GE Future project aims to develop the skills of 30 teachers to address gender equality and gender stereotypes towards children and reduce the phenomenon of gender discrimination through educational activities and creative for children aged 6 -8, in the 3 partner countries: Romania, Italy and Turkey.

The main objective of this project is to have a long-term impact on society, to combat gender discrimination and to increase equality. We would like to offer teachers educational learning strategies that they can use with the next generation to destroy social stereotypes. We hope that the best practices identified during the implementation of this project will be used by other courses from different educational organizations and schools that will train other teachers.

FEY – The future of Europe for young people

This project involves young people between 18 and 30 years old from France, Romania, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Germany.

“The future of Europe for young people” lasted 13 months, from September 2021 to October 2022, with a total of 380 young participants and about 10,000 people who were indirectly contacted.

The project consists of several activities that mainly involve online and offline meetings. The aim of these meetings was to gather information, discuss current youth challenges and propose solutions and alternatives to existing problems.

Among them, we can divide the meetings into 4:

These national activities were organized by each partner in each country so that the young people could meet, get to know each other and discuss the selected topics of the project.


is a transnational mobility project aimed at 90 students who participated in each Institute involved, with the aim of consolidating, within the local training system, the application of innovative and flexible methodologies linking training and traditional practice. The initiative, promoted by a national consortium coordinated by the “Isabella D’Este-Caracciolo” Institute, aims to develop among the participants technical-professional and transversal skills in the fields of start-ups and marketing with specific reference to the tourism sector.

Taking into account the general objectives of the Erasmus + program, it is intended to strengthen the knowledge, skills and competences for 90 VET students in the 5th year of vocational school through 4 weeks of internships in Spain and Romania; all these elements are able to influence both the home territory of learners who are beginning the process of fundamental change, in order to provide them with concrete professional opportunities and participants from an educational point of view as well as in accordance with a larger European dimension.

M.I.T. EUROPE – Marketing Internationalization
and Turism in Europe 

“M.I.T. Europe” has activated over 200 training courses for students during the 2016/2017 school year, in each of the Institutes involved, in the field of Tourism Marketing.

The internship took place over a period of 4 weeks, a period preceded by a prior training before mobility, in terms of socio-cultural aspects of the country, paying special attention to language training.

During the 4 weeks of international mobility in Spain, Romania, Ireland and Lithuania, the following specific objectives were met:

– Increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of the project recipients according to:

Event Managers

The Event Managers project, within the Erasmus + Program (KA1), coordinated by Marea scarl, involves a 4-week internship experience abroad, in selected companies in the field of organizing fashion events, in the following European countries: Romania, Spain and Malta.

EUTOUR – European Tourism Skills 

is a European internship and mobility project, designed and coordinated by Cosvitec scarl, related to Key Action 1 of the Erasmus + program, approved in 2017.

The project proposal is specifically addressed to 150 students and recent graduates (within one year of obtaining the Diploma) of the professional schools in the field of Tourism Marketing. The internship period is four weeks and includes a pre-departure training period on the socio-cultural aspects of the host country, with a special focus on language training. It is a project that includes actions with a high positive impact, primarily for the final recipients and starting from them, generates a cascading effect that is able to produce lasting effects on the participating organizations and target groups.


The project is addressed to adult students (fifth year of high school) and new graduates (within one year of obtaining the Diploma + NEET) of technical and vocational schools in accordance with the training course related to the Electronics and Electrical Engineering sector. The aim of the project is in particular to improve and deepen the knowledge regarding the design of the technical drawing using the CAD software used in all fields related to the technical design. Countries involved: Romania – Ireland – Spain.

Other projects

Cosvitec Est has experience in the following types of projects:

Lifelong Learning Program (2007-2013): Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo Partnership, VETPRO and others

Erasmus + Program (2014-2020)

European Social Fund

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

European Regional Development Fund