Project EU_SMART
Tourism, Marketing and Internationalization: your Future in Europe


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Applicant Institution
ISIS “Isabella D’Este”

EU_SMART is a transnational mobility project aimed at 90 students who participated in each Institute involved, with the aim of consolidating, within the local training system, the application of innovative and flexible methodologies linking training and traditional practice. The initiative, promoted by a national consortium coordinated by the "Isabella D'Este-Caracciolo" Institute, aims to develop among the participants technical-professional and transversal skills in the fields of start-ups and marketing with specific reference to the tourism sector.

Taking into account the general objectives of the Erasmus + program, it is intended to strengthen the knowledge, skills and competences for 90 VET students in the 5th year of vocational school through 4 weeks of internships in Spain and Romania; all these elements are able to influence both the home territory of learners who are beginning the process of fundamental change, in order to provide them with concrete professional opportunities and participants from an educational point of view as well as in accordance with a larger European dimension.

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