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  • Mission

Cosvitec Est is a Romanian company fully involved in research and higher education, as well as in adult education and training.

Cosvitec Est's mission is to increase the dynamics of development and competitiveness by creating an innovative environment, with an effective transfer of technology from scientific organizations to enterprises, inspiring local development and internationalization, through joint research and innovation projects.

It aims to support cooperation between public research organizations and the private sector in order to increase competitiveness and innovation, while also encouraging new ways of education and training.


Trust: We offer and gain trust.

Solidarity: We get the most value through solidarity.

Education: We place great importance on the professional growth of our employees.

Passion: Our people are driven by enthusiasm, passion and performance.


  • Description

Cosvitec Est carries out projects of regional, national and international importance in several fields (research, higher education, vocational training and territorial development), based on an international network that allows the promotion and implementation of systemic development programs. Moreover, it provides services to companies, professionals, all qualifications and job seekers and is also involved in new challenges and opportunities for the elderly.

Cosvitec Est helps in community development which it belongs, in particular through the implementation of projects funded by the Erasmus + Program, a program that highlights education, training, youth and sport. Together with its national and international partners, Cosvitec Est has successfully implemented a series of projects that focus on the development and involvement of young people, social inclusion and equal opportunities.


Areas of expertise:

• Erasmus +

• health and consumer protection;

• safety and security issues;

• agriculture and food security;

• environment and climate change;

• information and communication technology;

• energy and transport.

Benefits for the company's customers:

  • Confidentiality
  • Ethics
  • Know-how
  • Creativity
  • Quality services


  • Erasmus + projects
  • Research and Project Management-
  • Innovative incubator, Spin-off
  • Trainings for entrepreneurs and researchers
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