International mobility

Cosvitec EST specializes in international mobility projects mainly dedicated to young people. Thanks to its partnerships with large companies in Europe, it can ensure the planning and implementation of apprenticeships in the workplace (ESF PON C1-C5, Leonardo program, etc.)

The company competently and professionally manages the complexity of the necessary services, in accordance with European projects.

In partnership with other host companies in the network, we have organized language internships in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Malta, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, with various accommodation possibilities (campus sites, apartments and hotels).

Our external partners are bodies recognized for their professionalism at European and international level, for the efficiency of their services and for the organization of extra-curricular training courses and events.


The training activities cover different sectors, such as: communication, marketing, Horeca, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, IT and administrative.

All our proposals include the organization of the entire stay: careful selection of host companies and tutors who guide students in language training and employment; activities and cultural trips; accommodation in quality hotels and boarding schools; corporate visits to identify sectoral issues.

The evolution and socio-economic development of local and international spheres requires companies that operate synergies with national and international partners, with which to compare and achieve the transfer of knowledge and good practices. For this reason, Cosvitec Est has created a network based on innovation and knowledge.