As for the issue of sustainability, companies are required to implement plans for reducing consumption and to be more efficient in terms of energy-saving.


The mestiereimpresa.bnl.it website identified 5 key pointsin order to achieve a bigger efficiency and to make a change in all business realities.


  1. Consumption costs analysis: Examine business needs and all the ways to meet them without wasting unnecessary energy.
    For example it’s possible to choose a program that studies consumption habits (such as recycling paper, monitor the use of the prints, turn on the air conditioning only when necessary) , in order to install a more efficient energy program.
  2. Examine the life cycle of IT equipment: understand, so ,if you can reuse, recycle and update it in order to extend their life cycle and performance.
  3. Monitoring the value chain: understand if there’s any waste to eliminate, control the activities of suppliers monitoring the supply by selecting the most virtuous
  4. Collaboration: inform all employees of the sustainable management of the company, making sure that everyone has a conscious behavior.
  5. Choose local companies: the advantage is that, that way there’s an increase of the local economy and that it’s possible to control the actions of their suppliers, reducing also costs related to transport
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