From 8 March, Italians students, who took part in the International project M.I.T. Europe - Marketing, Internationalization and Tourism in Europe " within Erasmus plus program (KA1) ", are conducting s their internship at the Cosvitec Est offices in Constanta (Romania).

Students, belonging to various schools In Campania (ISIS Gaetano Filangieri of Frattamaggiore, ISIS Nitti in Naples, ISIS Tilgher of Herculaneum, ISIS Taddeo da Sessa Sessa Aurunca, ISIS Don Geremia Piscopo Naples) and carefully selected and trained before departure from CosvitecI talia, are now carrying out their transnational placements, provided by ErasmusPlus project, within business and marketing companies in order to promote cultural and environmental heritage.

Students, who have had the opportunity to take part in this project, will improve their knowledge about start-up promotion and business internationalization in the tourism area and will increase, not only their linguistic and digital skills but also how to manage human and financial resources through business plans development and living a great formative experience in Cosvitec Est where they are supported by professional and highly qualified tutors that are following their progress step by step.

Thanks to this experience students will be highly competitive in the world of work not only professionally but also humanly.
Students will surely have a competitive advantage thanks to the soft skills acquired in this important work experience abroad as this at Cosvitec Est.

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