Public announcement for the development of the school-work turnover itineraries – European Structural Funds – National Operative Programme “For school, competences and environment of education” 2014-2020 - Route I – Education – European Social Fund (FSE) – Specifical Goal 10.6 - Action 10.6.6 and Specific Goal 10.2 - Action 10.2.5. Lets create a school network and promote the school mobility

Cosvitec proposals plan turnover itineraries in highly qualified hosting structures with a consolidate experience in the field of transnational mobility and youth training. The goal is to offer to the young participants a real opportunity to test themselves in a real working environment, developing technical competences and knowledges, operative abilities, specifical methodologies of a profile, a professional field, integrating theory and practice in a specific working environment. They also develop soft and organizational skills. This itinerary will represent a moment of personal growth, giving the students an opportunity for self-reflection and self-evaluation on professional future choices and their own capacity, in addiction to represent a unic opportunity to grow in terms of interculturality.

These international school-work turnover itineraries are addressed to students of III, IV and V years of secondary high schools, and to students of Technical High Schools (ITS). These itineraries provide a certain integration with the world of work in a transnational organizational context that support the growth of competences who will help to facilitate the cultural, linguistic and working integration abroad. Through the direct participation in the working contest, is achieved the socialization and permeability between the world of school and the hosting enterprise/structure one, as well as the mutual experiences interchange, well awared that, for a full and coherent development of a person, it’s important to increase and expand time, place and way of learning.

Knowledge certification
At the end of the itinerary, every student will receive a certificate of attendance to the project stating the acquired competences.

A list of fields available for our projects of school-work turnover is shown below:
Administration, management and office secretary
Education and Training
Agricolture, vinification and viniculture
Architecture, Engineering
Culture, Art, grafics, music,
Theatre, dance and music
Construction, Carpentry
Child care
International Trade
Energy, Sustainability
Electricity and electronics
Environment (management, research)
Agrofood and manufacturing
Gardening, horticulture
Animal care
Hairstylist and beauty
Health and Social State
Hygiene and work safety
I.T. (Software and hardware), Multimedia
Design and industrial design
Communication and publicity
Plumbing system
Quality check
Social and community services
Special needs
Sport e physical activity
Horeca, Tourism, Agriculture, Alternative Tourism, Hospitality and Catering
Topography, Transport
Wood and furniture
3D design, Mechanics


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