EUTOUR: European Tourism Skills

According to the World Tourism Organization data, in 2016 tourists arrivals in Italy increased by 3.7% compared to last year. The budget of the tourist season in 2016 appears marked by the consolidation of foreign flows on the heels of 2015, according to Istat.

This positive trend is accompanied by the report on e-tourism 2016 Bem Research, which reveals that the growth of foreign tourists in Italy could be even stronger if the digital offer, which now underpin the choices of most of the visitors, was more developed. The

Italian digital gap in tourism appears evident if compared to the international situation, and its reduction could increase visits to up to 2 million units. To face the new challenges posed by the growth of competitors, and maintain these records intact, it is crucial to create professionals increasingly competent and up to date.



-Answer To the general objectives of the KA1 and Europe 2020strategy, increasing the employability of 150 VET learners (new graduates within one year after graduation) from five Schools promoting international mobility, through internship activities, in Spain, Romania and Ireland.

-Streghten Soft-skills, digital and language skills of the participants, as well as knowledge and skills relating to: management of business and strategic planning effective until the start-up and internationalization of enterprises, with particular reference to the tourism sector; business marketing techniques, analysis of financial data, allocation of resources through the development of business plans;

- Contributing to the formal recognition of the skills acquired through the adoption of the ECVET system and its the integration with other regional, National and European recognition standards (Campania Region repertoire of qualifications), spreading the use of such procedures to institutions, organizations, companies and reference external stakeholders; and the relaunch of VET in Europe, according to the recommendations of the New Skills Agenda.

- Contributing in terms of skilled labor and integrated in the entire regional system, to the development and / or improvement of the tourism sector, stabilizing over time the positive data and taking them to the growth.



150 students attending, during 2017/2018, their last school year in N.C. Institutes who will begin their 28 days mobility experience within one year after the attainment of their Degree.

Internship will be preceded by a pre-departure training in Italy allowing the achievement of different training objectives, such as:

-language improvement (English Language improvement and Learning of a second language according to internship Countries)

- improvement of professional competences in Tourism and International Marketing field, coherently with the Professional Figure

identified, that is “Specialist in planning, definition and promotion of tourism plans development and territorial promotion”.

- soft skills and CV improvement.

Internship actions will be supported by dissemination activities and enhanced through a placement phase with Companies not

directly involved in the Partnership but near to Institutes composing the national Consortium and its Coordinator.



The National and International Network boasts a high experience in Management And Implementation of transnational mobility projects. The NC will take advantage from its Public / Private nature, bridging the world of Education / Training and the national and international labor market and constituted on top of an international trust network built from Cosvitec and other members of the consortium, over the years. Placement activities will involve national and European companies that will also register in the job search portal of



Upgrading of Training offer and improvement VET attractiveness- Staff qualification Internationalization and European Development for all the Partner Organizations-Replicability and sustainability of project best practices for the tourism sector, also related to ECVET system implementation startegies-qualified work-force available in the regional and national context- Raising awareness of stakeholders, employers and companies about ERASMUS PLUS program and about skills and experiences acquired by participants to European mobility actions.

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