Project EU_SMART
Tourism, Marketing and Internationalization: your Future in Europe


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Applicant Institution
ISIS “Isabella D’Este”

EU_SMART is a transnational mobility project addressed to 90 learners attending the last year in each involved Institute, aiming to strengthen, within the local training system, the application of innovative and flexible methodologies linking traditional training and practice. The initiative, promoted by a National Consortium coordinated by the Institute “Isabella D’Este-Caracciolo”, intends to develop in participants technical-professional and transversal skills within the fields of start-up and marketing with specific
reference to tourism sector.


The project will be implemented in the period when unemployment of youth in Campania is about 40%. Because of that it is necessary to promote start up programs between young people, also considering the fact that these measures are strongly supported in Campania and previews knowledge/skills in specific sector both in case of working in business context and for starting self employment. Field choice, in fact, derives from the will to sustain a branch considered strategic for the territory of reference, both according to the empowerment of turistic vocation and occupational repercussions.


Taking into consideration general objectives of Erasmus+ program, it is intended to strengthen knowledge, abilities and competences for 90 VET learners from V year of vocational school through 4 weeks traineeships (divided for destination groups) realized in Spain and Romania in the environment of strategic planning management of enterprise mainly applied at promoting start-up and entrepreneurial internationalization actions with specific reference to tourism field; all these elements are able to influence both the territory of origin of trainees starting fundamental change processes in order to offer them concrete occupational opportunities and the participants from the educational point of view as well as according to a greater European dimension.


An Internship action will be organized in Spain and Romania within the fields of internationalization and management of touristic start up business. This action will be preceeded by a pre-departure training period in Italy supported by Host Organizations. The internship will be characterized by specific operational stages:

  • linguistic enhancement (learning of Romanian and Spanish languages)
  • professional experience based on business start up
  • participation in programs of international advertising

Internship actions will include not only pre-departure training, but will be also supported by dissemination activities and placement with the participation of companies not directly involved in the partnership, but close to schools in the partnership.


  • Enhancement of the educational services of participating schools in framing a plan for development of transnational
  • Repeatability in a local, regional, and international best practices, and output for traineeships aimed at companies operating in the field of reference (documentation, networking, identification of training objectives, certification schemes ECVET, etc.)
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