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Cosvitec Est is a Romanian Company fully involved in Research and Higher Education, as well as Adult Education and Vocational Training; it provides services to companies, professionals, people in search of qualification and work, and is also involved in new challenges and opportunities for elder people, for their appreciation. CosvitecEst carries out projects of regional, national and international importance in several areas (research, higher education, vocational training and territorial development), relying on an international network allowing to promote and implement systemic development programs.

Cosvitec Est believes that research and innovation hold the keys to progress, this is why it provides input throughout the whole research and project management cycle from conception to implementation and evaluation.

Its competence areas are:

- health and consumer protection;
- all aspects of safety and security;
- agriculture and food security;
- environment and climate change;
- information and communication technologies;
- tourism marketing
- corporate and business web designing
- energy and transport.

Cosvitec Est is focused on local, regional and national development. Its aim is to promote human resources development and scientific research through the dissemination of technological innovation and higher education. It can count on the strength and experience of a large transnational network.
Cosvitec Est is part of an extensive partnership network that can ensure quality services: Higher Education, Consultation for Innovation, Research, Technology Transfer, Development and Management of financed projects.
Cosvitec Est realizes international projects, always promoting international partnerships and development programs implemented in local strategies. Research, innovation, technology transfer and training are based for Cosvitec EST on interculture, on shared professionalism. Cosvitec EST realizes its projects through its international network ensuring solid projects stability and sustainability.
Cosvitec ESTcan count on the experience, strength and professional exchange developing into an international network of Universities, Research Centres, Companies working as transfer of everything necessary for innovation and training and to remove constraints and barriers that hamper the local, regional and national development. Its large partnership and its awareness among entrepreneurial, economic, social fabric guarantees quality services about training, innovation consultancy, development and management of funded project.
CosvitecEst supports the realization of research and training interventions involving fundamental Bodies at national and international level.
Through national and international collaboration networks deriving from University and Research Centres belonging to the network relationships, the specific field of interest will have the possibility to access knowledge exchanges, difficult to realize in other conditions.
Cosvitec Est is furnished with different kinds of facilities and utilities making it able to work on different research fields and implementing actions; moreover its strict cooperation with both Universities and Companies is a fundamental point to its constant knowledge and best practices exchange and acquisition, but it is so important from the equipment point of view, too.

Our PIC Code is 956282358

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